Frumaco Professional Harvesting

Should we still dare?
Frumaco strongly believes so, as innovation comes from the will to risk.
Those willing to dare do not simply stop at learning and knowledge, but go beyond as they are driven to shatter the limiting mental patterns and create innovative processes. Innovation does not only imply technological aspects, but mainly concerns an open and flexible way of thinking.
True innovation stems from experience, which does not limit the creation of new processes as needs, problems to solve and the entire context itself are often new. Continuing to think "This is the way I have always done this" will never project us into the future and into the potential innovation that awaits.
"Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow."


The integration between the harvesting team and the Frumaco system has resulted in an extremely high yield of fruit harvesting/hour/person (exceeding even 300%) without ever compromising the quality of the product:
  • automatic machine steering allows the team to fully focus on harvesting.
  • The belts and mobile platforms are positioned on different levels to, allow the distribution of the team over the entire harvesting wall.
  • Fruit is conveyed by belt so that it is handled with utmost care and attention; this system allows increases productivity as the bins are automatically filled throughout the day regardless of the conditions.
  • Integrated logistics in the management of empty and full bins ensures a continuous work flow even on several shifts.


Efficient harvest mechanization constitutes a fundamental element in the company's profitability, as the entire product can be harvested avoiding significant waste of fruit during the selection process while increasing the amount of high quality fruit for packaging. Frumaco has developed, field-tested and continuously adapted its harvesting system in order to simplify harvesting and deliver the fruit fully intact to the bin. The Frumaco machine intervenes effectively in the production chain to maximize the transition of fruit from the plant to packaging, thus supporting all investments dedicated to selection, calibration and packaging lines. Experience in the field has revealed that the Frumaco system allows a 35% increase of the amount of fruit that can be packaged and sold as a top-quality product rather than selling it to the processing industry due to damage incurred during harvesting.
Hundreds of companies have been using Frumaco technology for years and are completely satisfied given the significant improvements that their production processes have achieved, which in turn means increased profits.


The shortage of skilled labor along with its rise in costs, combined with an average low income, are the main problems currently plaguing the agricultural sector. Farms are therefore forced to employ an unskilled and under-manned workforce in a vain attempt to fully pick all fruit within the harvest time, thus incurring additional costs with significant economic losses (10-20% of fruit remains on the plant). Frumaco’s modern and effective harvesting system, allows agricultural companies to optimize their resources, secure their market competitiveness and permanently increase corporate profitability. The Frumaco harvesting system allows optimal and seamless integration between the work environment, workforce and machine to achieve a greater overall yield: an automatic belt system conveys fruit to the bins and fills them while minimizing the various cycles of transition of the fruit and increasing efficiency of human interventions to avoid heavy and tiresome work. This increases the morale of the harvesting team along with its performance.
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