Frumaco Four Seasons Edition


Frumaco Europe, with its team of experts, continually seeks effective solutions to anticipate the real needs and difficulties related to fruit harvesting, to readily provide new answers and solutions. Frumaco has solid experience and real knowledge of what makes the sector tick, allowing us to work alongside the entrepreneur by proposing innovative solutions that can be applied in the field.

Frumaco Professional Harvesting

Zero Point: the brillant platform

Frumaco Zero Point is the core of the method we employ to create a modular harvesting machine that features technological systems sized to guarantee top performance in all situations of the array of kits currently offered by Frumaco Europe for the harvesting of different types of fruit. First and foremost, a good machine needs a sturdy base (chassis) from the mechanical point of view wile also allowing flexibility of use. Open and simple basic hydraulic and electrical systems provide this flexibility to ensure top performance of the line-up of professional kits available. Furthermore, our engineers have succeeded in making the systems computable with future applications. This means that companies can have Frumaco Europe harvesting machines that are always up-to-date with current technology. The company can simply install the kit dedicated to the specific fruit harvested on the same all-purpose base. The Furmaco machine can be adapted to any future needs - for instance, for harvesting a different fruit or managing field operations other than harvesting - by using specific kits or accessories. Zero Point is Frumaco’s way to guarantee flexibility and cost effectiveness through specific kits or accessories.

Pomegranate Edition

Mango&Avocado Edition

Citrus Edition

Four Seasons Edition

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